Northgate Notices and Other Links


The weekly notices of Oakham Methodist Church are called Northgate. The following are a list of the currently available copies of Northgate and are usually available for about a month.

You will need Adobe Reader to view these files. It can be downloaded free from 


Week 1 Northgate Click Here February 7th  
Week 2 Northgate Click Here February 14th
Week 3 Northgate Click Here  February 21st 
 Week 4 Northgate Click Here Febrary 28th

 Week 5 Northgate Click Here J


CTiO Feb 2021 Update Click Here 

Fairtrade Webinar Poster 23rd February 2021 Click Here

Oakham Psalm Booklet February 2020-2021 Click Here


Additional Notices


Minister Musings June 2020 click here

Minister Musings  November 2018 click here

Minister Musings  January 2019 click here

Minister Musings  May 2019 click here

Student Minister Musings June 2019 click here

Minister Musings September 2019 click here

Minister Musings October 2019 click here

Minister Musings November 2019 click here

Minister Musings December 2019 click here

Minister Musings February 2020 click here

Minister Musings April 2020 click here

Minister Musings March 18 click here

Minister Musings April 18 click here

 Minister Musings May18 click here

Treasurer Report

Treasure report 31 August 2016 Click Here

Treasure report 31 May 2018 Click Here

Annual Church Meeting April 2017 Click Here

Annual Church Meeting April 2018 Click Here


 Other Links