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Likoma Island is a very small island of about 5 miles by 2 miles on a very large lake in Malawi. The lake is 350 miles long and the island lies 50  miles from mainland Malawi. Malawi, formerly Nyasaland, is just south of the Equator in Central Africa and is bordered by Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

The people of the island - population about 10,000 - are among the poorest people of the world. They have no electricity, no running water, and the land is too poor to successfully cultivate so they are dependent on fish from the lake for their food and their income. The main health problems are malaria, anemia, meningitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and aids. Approximately one in three is HIV positive. All these problems are worsened by malnutrition.

Their 'needs'

- A small hospital is dependent on charity for funding

- Junior schooling is free but has limited resources, Senior schooling has to be paid for.

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 Good News - Solar Installation completed  
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The Likoma Link Trust raises funds in order to provide: -

- maize in times of exceptional need

- electricity and running water, at least in the hospital and schools

- essential school materials, trained teaching staff, fees for senior school education

- qualified medical staff, fees for the training of hospital staff

- equipment for a newly formed scout troop.

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 Future Projects


To purchase double desks, chairs and office furniture for use in the school. The chairs tables etc. for the teachers and computer room are all in place , and the funds for the desks for the second phase have all been sent. 
Estimated cost of £2500 - £3000.





July 1st 2017 Coffee morning and concert at Oakham Methodist Church at 11 am   

              Sept 16th 2017 Evening Concert at Oakham Methodist Church

October 28th 2017 Christmas Sale on Oakham Market